Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's my "truth"...

  • Truth: the thing that corresponds to fact or reality. 
  • My Truth:  an opinion that is believed to be truth, but may not be factual.
  • God's Truth: The eternal principles of God embedded in the physical and spiritual worlds He has made.
God is the functional definition of a man of truth.

I have been thinking more and more about my truth.  What is it?  Is it really truthful?  Is it Godly?  Do I have a truth?

I have come to the conclusion that we all have our own truths...things that are true for us.   It is a fact that I like to cook and I enjoy baking.  It is also a fact that I am 5'3".  I can also have a truth of my own that is not factual and just something I may believe.  Our perception of events is a great example.  Do you know I lived for at least 10 years believing that something in my past happened a certain way and it really didn't.  I found that out last year (2010).  My Mom enlightened me with the real truth-the actual facts of how the event happened.  How many of you know of someone that goes to the doctor and is told that they have high blood pressure and should cut down on their junk food and exercise more, but when you ask the person how the appointment went, they say it went fine and they're as healthy as a horse?  My grandmother was good for that one!!  I miss her now that she's gone.  Anyway, my point is that our own truth may not be a hard fact.

This got me thinking...  How does my truth stack up against God's truth?  Are my opinions the same as what the Bible teaches me they should be?  It's easy to think that they are, but really examine yourself...mine were not! 

These days it is so easy to get information about anything.  The Internet has opened so many doors for us!  It is the best thing ever...but it has it's faults.  Anyone can be an expert on-line.  Everyone is an author.  Blogs, like my own, are everywhere and they have all kinds of information that may or may not be real TRUTH.  It could certainly be someones truth, but it may not be a fact.  We have to be on the guard and be very watchful when we research things, to make sure that we are getting true facts and not mindless opinions.

In the end, it all comes down to:  Are my facts straight with God?  and How do my own opinions match up with His.  Check out Psalm 119.


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