Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Better is one day in your courts

I am my fullest, most complete, self when I am in the presence of God.

Have any of you heard the song by Chris Tomlin, Better is One Day?  I know our church has sung it for years, and I have been part of the congregation singing it.  But how many of you have actually felt the presence of God enveloping you, taking you in the seclusion of the throne room of heaven? 

Last winter I had a very real experience that I will never forget, where I felt like I was literally dwelling in the courts of heaven at the foot of my Lord and it was extraordinary!!   While I was experiencing this, I felt alive, cherished and fully loved.  I felt the peace and comfort you would feel when you're a child wrapped in your Daddy's arms.  I was completely tranquil and best of all, there were no obstructions, no obstacles between me and Him.  It was the best encounter of my life.  Thank you God for those few glorious days, for allowing me a small glimpse of what it would be like in heaven.  How amazing!!  I hope and prayer is that each of you reading this will one day be able to say that you have experience and event like this too.

Sorry, I just need to sing this for a moment...."Better is one day in Your courts than thousands else where.  My heart and flesh cry out, to you the living God, your spirits water to my soul.  I've tasted and I've seen, come once again to me.  I will draw near to you, I will draw near to you!!!!  Better is one day, better is one day, better is one day, than thousands else where."  Clik on that link and it will take you to YouTube for the Kutless version of the song. 


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