Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When you get a "no" from God.

Today during nap time I watched the move, "Letters to Juliet".  I have to seize the opportunity to watch chick flicks while Lonnie is away.  I'm sure some of the ladies out there can identify with this.  The movie was great.  I loved the whole thing.  

Here is a brief synopsis of the movie taken from the official website:
"In Verona, Italy – the beautiful city where Romeo first met Juliet – there is a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. It’s there that aspiring writer Sophie finds a 50-year-old letter that will change her life forever. As she sets off on a romantic journey of the heart with the letter’s author, Claire, now a grandmother, and her handsome grandson, all three will discover that sometimes the greatest love story ever told is your own."
So the movie got me thinking about all of the prayers I've prayed over the years, and all of the times I thought God wasn't listening or if He was listening, He wasn't giving me what I was asking for.  As if He were only there to grant my every wish.  I can think of several instances over my lifetime where God has said "no" or "not now" to my prayers. 

I had my entire life planned out before I got out of high school---and when I say life I'm really saying LOVE life.  I just knew I was going to be married by the time I was 21 and have my first child on the way by 23 and be completely finished having children before I was 30.  Ha!  That's a laugh, now, when I'm reminiscing.  My reality was that I would think that I was in love a few different times.  Somewhere around the age of 24 I fell in love with someone so unexpectedly--not even from my own state.  We would marry when I was 25 and I didn't have my first child until I was 28 almost 29.  God had other plans for me, and I just needed to be patient enough to wait and receive them. 

If I had married the first man who ever proposed to me, I'd most likely be living in FL-which maybe would've been convenient now that some of my family have moved there.  Funny enough, I don't like the heat or summer in general unless there is a pool nearby.  I love the ocean, but only to look at--I never swim in it, too scared of the things that live in it.  God knew all of these things! 

If I would've married the second man who proposed I probably would've ended up without children of my own as he was unable to have children due to an illness. Strangely, he now lives in FL too.  I won't tell you again how Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons and that too much heat makes me sweat-ew!  The third one to proposed wouldn't have worked out either.  Seriously, if any of these matches were to have been my reality, I'd most likely be unhappy, possibly divorced, a single mom in a HOT place.  Not my idea of happily ever after.  But, God knew!

On the flip side, God intricately planned how Lonnie and I would meet.  Lonnie lived in NJ.  His family moved from Northern NJ to central NJ to live with his paternal grandfather after his grandfather had an accident.  He grew up and graduated high school and fell in love with travelling.  He became a truck driver *Just like my Dad! I used to love going on runs with my dad in his big truck when I was young, so Lonnie being a driver really clicked with me.  And of course, what girl doesn't what a guy like her Daddy?*  Not long after he became a truck driver, his grandfather passed away and 10 days later his father passed away.  His mother was left living in her in-laws home, with 3 children.  She was able to find love again after marrying her husbands youngest brother.  Shortly after their marriage, his Uncle/step-father found a job in MD and they relocated the family to Rising Sun.  Lonnie's mom saw the town Rising Sun on the map of MD an thought it sounded pretty, so that's where they decided to move.  I love that!  His younger brother became sick and needed to see a doctor.  I was the one working at the doctor's office who took his payment after the appointment.  His mother was with him at my checkout window when he brought out a wad of cash to pay for his visit.  I jokingly said, "Do you have an older brother?"  LOL! His mom replied, "Yes!"  She came back to my window before leaving and got my number to give to her older son.  And, well, one blind date and a year of dating....and the rest is history. 

You can't write a story better than that!  God planned that whole journey for both of us down to the smallest detail!  Even through heartache, on both of our parts, he brought us together.  When you think that there isn't one more hardship you can go through, or that you just can't take the pain, remember that He has a plan for you, and sometimes there are speed bumps to go over before reaching your destination.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  He didn't say it would be an easy road, or that there wouldn't be pain and heartache along the way, but he does promise hope and a future and He promises to have a planSo don't hesitate to give up control today and let Him make the plans, just be prepared for an awesome journey.


Brynn said...

love this post, lori! we both know of having to be patient with God's plan for us, even though we had so carefully planned our own lives! it's so hard to let go and let God sometimes, but that's ultimately the only choice!

and by the way, i totally had this blog layout for a while. i love the flowers!

Anonymous said...

Brynn, I loved your background so much I stole your blog template site in search for a cute one of my own. The fact is, I wanted yours =) What can I say, great minds must think alike. Gad you're enjoying my posts. It's like giving birth. When I'm finished I'm tired and ready to hear comments. So getting your comment was lovely. Thanks!

katie said...

I too love this post, Lori! What a wonderful love for your husband and love for the Lord and his plans for you and your family!! You have a wonderful gift...keep it up!!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....

Denise said...

That's such a beautiful story- how did I not know this, Lori!

Ann said...

Lori absolutely may be working on a new career here???

Robyn said...

thanks Lori! :) needed to hear espec. that last paragraph today!!!

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