Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You are:

My God, You alone are in control.  You tell the stars where to stand and the sun when it should move.  You orchestrate the planets in their rhythmic cycle.  You tell streams when to flood, the wind when it should blow, the birds when they should soar and the flower when to bloom. God, you are the creator of it all.

Almighty Father, you hold me tightly in the palm of your hand.  You hold me close to your chest.  You comfort me in my sorrow and are my refuge.  You whisper in my ear comforting, truthful words.   You are like a favorite blanket to a crying child-comforting, warm and soothing.  You are like balm that cools a burn.  You are my hiding place.

Holy God, You are my strength to go on.  You motivate me to be better and to do better.  You raise me up when I stumble and help me to walk the rocky path.  You hold my enemies at bay and lead me to victory.  You keep the flood waters from pulling me under and set my feet on solid dry ground.   Your strength is beyond compare.

You, Jesus, are my redeemer.  You paid the price for my stupidity and ignorance.  You were selfless when I am selfish.  You speak truths when I am deceitful.  You were humble when I am proud.  You took the blame and were sinless and I am black, covered in my own shame.  You showed me mercy and I don’t deserve it.  God, you have so many facets, more than I could possibly ever imagine.


Amber said...

Praise Jesus Christ!!! :D

Anita said...

...WOW...what a perfect reminder for me this SO many aspects of my path right now... thanks Lori...

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